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G&G Productions was originally the brainchild of Gareth Devore and Greg Walsh. Gareth, an entrepreneur who started DJing and hosting U18 events in 1995 aged 14 at the time and Greg, from a corporate background in finance and investment banking. Armed with the dream of creating the greatest events for young South African’s, the pair built an empire of some of the greatest shows in SA including Rage Festival, Sensation, Space Ibiza, Armin Only Intense, Snoop Dogg SA Tour, Cape Town Calling, Ballito NYE and so much more. Along the road, the creative and business background combined to create a youth marketing machine of incomparable force and experience. Over the last decade, G&G Productions has worked on and created some mega campaigns including; The Samsung Galaxy Experience, The Samsung S7 Launch, The Huawei Culture Club, Vodacom 4U’s youth campaigns, The Blackberry Secret Gig, Stimorol’s See What Unfolds, Vodacom Color, Halewood beverages annual events calendar and much more.



Youth don’t watch TV, they stream it, they don’t listen to radio, they listen to their own music and share it, they don’t read print media or the news, they engage in social media, they don’t look at billboards, they listen to their friends…They don’t digest content, they are the content.

Brands still relying on big budget TV commercials and diversified media campaigns are brands going down with the ship. Want to know what we can do for your brand? Get in touch and be a part of our world...

We are young, so we think young. Creating campaigns for brands is done the wrong way around. Ad agencies around the world, start with the brand, its objectives, its tonality and persona and build a campaign from there with a target consumer in mind. Wrong! Ineffective! Old! We start with the consumer. We listen to their story. Thanks to our unique presence in the youth space through Rage Festival. We constantly obsess data, information, their desires, needs and unique ways of communication. We use this information to create campaigns that work. Then we adjust those campaigns to work for our clients.

The term “customer first” was coined decades ago, but truly thinking in that way when marketing is rare.



We assist brands navigate and find success in the digital and entertainment world by taking advantage of evolving technologies, business model innovations and changes in user behaviour to create innovative experiences that grow their brands faster.


G&G helps brands fulfill their brand promises by captivating users with simple and functional campaigns and products. Our extensive collaborative creative team at G&G craft beautiful experiences that bring value to the lives of the brands users.


Our specialised teams can ensure your sponsored event is utilising all the benefits available within your sponsorship package and we will act as your brand ambassador on your behalf.


Development, activation and content generation at music festivals and events ensures your content is shared with the people you trust.