Rage Festival

Hospitality Sector To Benefit From Ballito Rage Festival

The owners of the Rage Festival can anticipate a substantial boost to the local hospitality industry as thousands of school-leavers are expected to attend this year’s event. The 20th Rage Festival, organized by G&G Productions, is scheduled from December 2 to 10, and it is projected to draw matriculants from across the country.

Brett Tungay, East Coast chairperson of the Federated Hospitality Association of SA, highlights that the festival will play a vital role in revitalizing the hospitality sector, particularly during a period that is usually quiet for the industry. The event is expected to enhance occupancy rates and provide a welcome economic lift, given the challenges the sector has faced.

Darren Sandras, Ballito Rage spokesperson, emphasizes that the festival has historically contributed positively to tourism and the local economy. Attendees not only participate in the main festival events but also engage in other activities that support local businesses, including accommodations, restaurants, and shopping. Sandras assures that the event will adhere to national and local health and safety regulations to ensure the well-being of attendees, staff, and the community.

Sandras emphasizes that the safety and security of attendees remain a priority. RFID wristbands are issued to all participants, allowing for efficient monitoring and assistance when needed. The festival collaborates with local law enforcement, private security, transportation partners, and volunteer organizations to ensure maximum safety for attendees.

Considering the positive impact of the festival on the local hospitality industry and the safety measures in place, the owners of Rage Festival can look forward to a successful event that contributes to both the local economy and the memorable experiences of attendees.