Why The BMW M Fest In South Africa Is The Biggest One In The World

The BMW M Fest celebrated its third installment at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in Midrand, South Africa, commemorating 50 years of BMW’s M range. The festival’s significance in South Africa can be attributed to the country’s history of manufacturing and exporting popular M performance cars worldwide. It’s also deeply connected to the racing success of BMW products on South African race tracks and iconic South African-made M cars like the 530 MLE and 325iS.

The event’s appeal is bolstered by this unique relationship between the M brand and South African enthusiasts, making it the largest M Fest globally. In 2019, it attracted a substantial following, and this year, the unveiling of the new-generation BMW M2 added to its allure. For G&G Productions, who hosted the BMW M Fest 2019, this highlights the importance of recognizing and celebrating the local automotive heritage and its connection to the event’s success.