Armin Announces Armin Only – Intense World Tour

G&G Productions, the event organizer, played a pivotal role in hosting Armin van Buuren’s “Armin Only – Intense” world tour. The tour, inspired by Armin’s album “Intense,” featured a distinctive concept that aimed to take the audience on a musical journey. Armin Only, a concept that evolved from Armin’s earlier career, sought to provide an immersive experience through extended sets and live performances. Collaborating with ALDA Events, renowned theater director Jos Thie, and creative expert Sander Reneman, G&G Productions brought a fresh approach to the electronic dance music show. The incorporation of theatrical elements aimed to create a unique and captivating experience, blurring the lines between live music and theater. G&G Productions contributed to the success of the tour, which spanned various international cities and showcased Armin’s album through an engaging and innovative live performance.